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Stateline conducts hundreds of Desktop Reviews, Record Search with Environmental Risk Assessments (RSRAs) and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments each year.  We can tailor our reports to your specific needs while educating you about the differences and what will best fit your needs.  Most of the Phase I ESAs that Stateline completes are performed in accordance with ASTM E1527-21 and EPA 40 CFR Part 312.

Phase II Subsurface Soil & Groundwater Investigations

Nearly every Phase II Investigation presents itself differently.  Stateline prides itself on coordinating each Phase II to specifically determine the potential subsurface contamination risks.  Whether we're looking for petroleum compounds or solvents related to dry-cleaning facilities, Stateline has the knowledge and expertise to carry out these studies efficiently and cost effectively.  

UST Removals, Remediation, Asbestos Inspections & More

Stateline provides full service project management and consulting for nearly all of your environmental consulting needs.  We work with tenured excavators for complicated UST / AST removals and abandonments, knowledgeable professional engineers for complex answers and licensed asbestos inspectors for detailed inspections.  Our staff has years of experience with state reporting requirements to get the job done effectively and with proven results.

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