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Stateline Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. (Stateline) is based in Antioch, Illinois and is a low cost, but high quality provider of environmental consulting services. Stateline is your one stop firm for all things environmental consulting. Each of our studies is designed to not only comply with local, state, federal laws, and ASTM regulations, but your needs as our client. The purpose of these assessments is to reduce the liability of our clients in real estate transactions and lending. Stateline also prides itself on tailoring various other types of Environmental Site Assessments to fit our clients needs and budgets in an ever-evolving economy.


Our staff of experienced and knowledgeable professionals will work diligently to ensure that potential environmental concerns are addressed properly, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. From a simple Environmental Risk Assessment to a detailed All Appropriate Inquiry Phase I, Stateline is here to help. And never fear, if additional subsurface investigations or possible remediation are necessary, Stateline will strive to make that experience a little less painful.

Stateline believes in keeping things simple. Our pricing, scope of services, final products and billing will always be approached with professionalism and honesty. We seek to communicate with our clients so they are getting exactly what they need, when they need it and without any surprises. Nothing more and nothing less.

Additionally, Stateline strives to be technologically cutting edge and environmentally friendly. Final documents and reports are submitted electronically via E-mail. By submitting reports in this fashion, we eliminate paper waste and attempt to do our part to save our environment.

Stateline partners with many highly respected excavating and drilling contractors, accredited laboratories and vendors to best serve our clients. Stateline also uses an independent Professional Engineer (PE) when necessary.

Stateline is also a proud member of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce and a donor to the Antioch Lions Club and the Antioch Fire Department. Stateline believes strongly in community involvement and strives to have a strong presence throughout the community.

Stateline carries a $1,000,000 Professional Liability Errors and Omissions insurance policy. A Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.

We invite you to experience the Stateline Difference and hope we can be your partner in business and not just another vendor.

Adam K. Zakroczymski III
Founder and Principal

Mr. Zakroczymski (Zak) has 24 years of experience in the environmental consulting field from managing projects as a technician, senior environmental specialist and supervisor of environmental site assessments. Mr. Zak founded Stateline in March of 2009 and is responsible for all project management and coordination. In the industry, Mr. Zak has performed thousands of environmental site inspections and is responsible for identifying Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) as well as drawing conclusions regarding potential RECs. Mr. Zak is also responsible for developing a course of action to investigate and remediate contaminated properties.

Mr. Zak has personally performed numerous Phase II Subsurface Investigations, which include field soil sampling, groundwater sampling, data logging, analytical interpretation and report completion. At Stateline, Mr. Zak has also provided consulting, oversight and soil sampling for UST Removals, including project management and coordination. Mr. Zak has also conducted various remedial activities, which includes successfully gaining No Further Remediation status and proper site closure status. Mr. Zak continues to log hours during asbestos related activities and sampling to become a licensed Asbestos Inspector.

Sandi Zakroczymski
Vice President

Mrs. Zakroczymski (Zak) has over 10 years experience in the environmental consulting field managing projects as a technician and senior environmental technician. Mrs. Zak has performed hundreds of onsite inspections and is responsible for editing all written material, conducting background research and finalizing written materials. Mrs. Zak has a detailed knowledge of the various types of Phase I ESAs, as well as an eye for detail when conducting visual property inspections.

Additionally, Mrs. Zak has spent over eight (8) years as a relations manager in the environmental consulting industry keeping close contact with clients and educating them about new laws, standards and scopes of work.

Mrs. Zak excels at maintaining client relationships and troubleshooting issues as they may arise. She has over 15 years experience in administration activities from scheduling important meetings, large events and travel.

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