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12,000-Gallon Tank Abandonment

Stateline recently tackled a complex 12,000-gallon vaulted heating oil tank abandonment, which was located within the basement of a large building in Cook County.  This project presented various challenges as it related to the overall integrity of the building and the safety of our employees and contractors.  Stateline was successful in abandoning this large tank.

Gasoline Tank Removal

Stateline was recently tasked with removing a small gasoline tank from beneath the floor of an old horse barn.  Again, we had to proceed with caution in an effort to preserve the structure.  Our excavator was able to remove the tank with surgical precision.  Moreover, Stateline was able to conclude that no significant release had occurred from this tank.

Complex Phase I ESA

Stateline recently completed an extensive Phase I ESA in accordance with ASTM E1527-13 Regulations within a heavily industrial area on the south side of Chicago.  Concerns relating to former manufacturing operations at the site combined with concerns from an adjacent paint manufacturing plant all had to be mitigated as part of this Phase I.

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